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Central Poland, the Kujawy and Mazowsze regions are in the heart of the country with the picturesque landscape of the Polish countryside and the great and healthy forests. You will find them full of animals, from quail to large boar. Due you dream of a winter hunt for rabbits that ends with a display of trophies that has a hundred hare? Due you wish to try your strength at stalking a prize stag? Have you ever seen a flock of pheasant take flight in front of a dog? Maybe you perhaps prefer a meeting with the king of the Kujawy forests the royal.


You don't have to go to the Carpathian region or to the tourist filled Mazury region. Visit the Kujawy region! You won't be a client here but a well-awaited friend and fellow.


We invite you to hunt in the Kujawy region. We offer hunts for all kinds of game- quail, pheasant duck, rabbit, roe-deer, boar and elk. We hunt here daily so that you have a guarantee of successful hunting.


You won't believe it but the Kujawy region is one of the healthiest corners of Poland. Ecological farming, forests, large lakes, streams and rivers, it's no wonder that some of the most known spas in all of Europe are run here including; Wieniec, Inowroclaw and the Polish pearl Ciechocinek.

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